Importing Eaglesoft Medical History Forms into YAPI

Eaglesoft 17+ uses a different method to integrate their Medical History forms with an additional step introduced into YAPI. The actual tutorial for creating Eaglesoft Medical Histories can be found on the Patterson support website, however, additional considerations need to be in the creation and import process. The following will show how to import new or updated Eaglesoft Medical History forms for use within YAPI. 

  1. To import the completed Eaglesoft form into YAPI, open the YAPI Dashboard.


  2. At the top of the YAPI Dashboard, click on the Tools icon 2019-10-10_11-11-07.png.

  3. From the Tools dropdown, click on the Administrative Tools option, then click on the Documents option.

  4. Click on the PMS Integrated Questionnaires option to open the available forms on Eaglesoft.  This will introduce a list of current and past Eaglesoft Medical Histories. 


  5. Click on the Medical History to import into YAPI, then click the Open button on the bottom-right of the window. 


  6. The structure of the form will be found in this section. Clicking the arrows next to each listed item will expand the section revealing individual questions. Right-clicking a section will introduce additional options such as specifying section functions within YAPI. 


  7. The Questionnaire requires fields for Medical History and a Signature. Once those fields are established in the Questionnaire, click the Build button on the bottom-right corner of the window.  

    NOTE: Make sure that the Medical Conditions list is set aside in their own section: the Current Health section. If additional lists are introduced in the Current Health section, they will be omitted in the final product of the form. 
  8. The Questionnaire will introduce the Form Builder window with a Warning pop-up. Click the OK button within the pop-up, then click the Save button at the bottom of the Form Builder. 

    Warning! Do not make any edits to the Eaglesoft Medical History form through the Form Builder. As the pop-up states, this will break the integration of the form between YAPI and Eaglesoft. If any additional edits must be made, make the edits within Eaglesoft first then reimport the form.


  9. With the Eaglesoft Medical History form saved, closeout of the Form Builder and the Questionnaire builder. The form can now be added to the iPad packages. To add the form to your Online Packages, contact the YAPI Customer Care team to assist
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