Importing Eaglesoft Medical History Forms into YAPI

The only form that can't be created or edited within YAPI's Form Builder is the Eaglesoft Medical History.  Instead, you need to edit or create this form within Eaglesoft, then import it into YAPI. The following shows how to import a Medical History form after you've customized it in Eaglesoft.

Tip: Before importing your Eaglesoft Medical History into YAPI, make sure each medical condition and allergy has a Medical Alert attached on the form within Eaglesoft.


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Importing an Eaglesoft Medical History

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Tools Tools.png.  Select Administrative Tools, Documents, then PMS Integrated Questionnaires


  2. In the Questionnaires window that pops up, select the Medical History you want to import and click Open.


  3. When a new Questionnaire box pops up, make sure that Current Health has a red cross icon Screen_Shot_2021-10-13_at_10.40.40_AM.png and Signature has a pencil icon Screen_Shot_2021-10-13_at_10.40.48_AM.png.  If both are present, skip to step 4.


    If Current Health doesn't have a red cross icon, right click on it and select This is Medical Conditions List section.


    If Signature doesn't have a pencil icon, right click on it and select This is Signature section.


  4. Click the Build button.  When the Form Builder pops up and shows a Warning, click OK:


  5. At the top of the Question area, double-click the Patient Name field.  In the Patient Name box that pops up, select Is Required and click Ok.

    Warning! Do not make any other edits to this form through the Form Builder as this will break the integration of the form between YAPI and Eaglesoft. If you need to edit the form, do so in Eaglesoft, then reimport the form into YAPI.
  6. Click Save.

  7. Optional: Create a Spanish version of your Medical History in Eaglesoft and import it using the same instructions above.  When creating your Spanish Medical History, do not use any special characters like ñ, é, or í or punctuation like ‘ “ - / < > # % and ^.

Your Eaglesoft Medical History form is now available for use on the iPad and you can add it to you iPad packages. To make the form available online so you can add it to your online packages, connect with our Customer Support team. It'll just take a minute or two to make the form online for you!


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