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Once your practice's POP account has been set up by a member of the YAPI team, Admins and Super Admins can invite all other staff members to POP.  Check out our directions below to learn how.

Note: If no member of your staff has access to POP, have your practice owner, primary provider, or office manager contact their YAPI Customer Success Manager to set up the account.

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Inviting a User to POP

To invite a new user at your practice to the Practice Online Portal:

Remember: You must be an Admin or Super Admin to invite others to POP. To learn more, see Roles and Permissions in the Practice Online Portal.
  1. Log into POP.

  2. Select User Management in the left-hand menu:


  3. On the User Management page, click the + Invite button:


  4. On the Invite a User page, enter the user's email address and click Verify.  When a pop-up confirms the email address has been verified, click OK. 


    Important!  Email addresses must be unique to each user.  You can't use the same email for multiple users and can't reuse the email of a deactivated user, so we strongly recommend using personal email addresses rather than shared office accounts. (Don't worry - this email is used ONLY to send the initial POP invite and for password recovery.)
  5. Enter the user's first and last name, email address, mobile number, and the Role you want them to have in POP: User, Admin, or Super Admin.  Then click +INVITE:


  6. Within 24 hours of sending the invite, direct the person you invited to check their email (the one you entered in Step 4) and click the orange Click here to create your login button:


  7. On the page that opens, ask them to:

    1. Create a User ID and password.


    2. Enter the Invitation Token that was texted to their phone when you sent the invite.

    3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click the Continue.

  8. They can then log into POP!


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