Practice Online Portal - Inviting Other Users

To invite a new user into the POP Portal:

  1. From the navigation pane, select User Management to open the user list. On top of the list will be a blue button labeled + Invite, click on this button to be prompted by an Invite User page. Keep in mind only Admins and Super Admins can invite users. 


  2. The Invite User page will display.  Enter the first and last name, email address, mobile number, and the role for the user.


  3. Once complete, click on the INVITE button found at the bottom of the form. This will then send a text message and email to the number and email provided,  detailing the next registration steps.

    • Text Message: this will contain a token code that will be needed for the registration process.                         

    • Email Message: this will contain a button link that will open the next registration steps.                        

  4. Click the Click here to create your login button found in the email,  to access the registration form.  Fill out the form, including the Invitation Token provided in the text message, agree to the Terms and Conditions and click the Continue button to gain access to POP.


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