Practice Online Portal - Appointment Book

To view the appointment book:

  1. On the navigation pane, click Appointments

  2. A search field will display, pre-populated with today’s date. Either click the search icon to proceed to the next screen with today’s date or search for the appropriate date in the search field and then click the search icon to proceed. 


  3. A list of appointments for the selected date will then be displayed, ordered by time. Click on any other column header once to order the list by the values in that column in descending order and another time for ascending order.

  4. For more information about a particular appointment, click on its row/card to go to the detail page.  Return to the appointment list by clicking on the back button on the browser or on Appointments in the navigation pane.


  5. Click on the Patient Record button at the bottom of the screen to view the patient's record from the appointment details.


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