Viewing Subscription Information in the Practice Online Portal (POP)

If you're an Admin or Super Admin in POP, you can view your practice's YAPI subscription information and access YAPI's Billing Portal by following the steps below.

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Viewing Your Subscription & Accessing the Billing Portal

  1. Log into POP.

  2. Select Subscription in the left-hand menu:


    Your YAPI Subscription information will display, showing you your plan and payment information, plus your Client ID and Merchant ID if you use YAPI Pay:


  3. Optional: If you need access YAPI's Billing Portal to view your account history, download statements, or update your payment information, click $ Go to Subscription Account at the bottom of the page:


    Tip: You can also access YAPI's Billing Portal on our Help Center or by clicking the button below.

    Click to Go to YAPI's Billing Portal


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