YAPI Document Integration Options

The following options are intended to coincide with the use of integrated forms. Forms that use these question types can only actively be integrated if the PMS Integrated checkbox is enabled and the associated Practice Managements Software is selected.


Warning! These form types must only be used when creating their respective Patient Information or Medical History forms. These form types cannot be combined into one form. Each Integration option will be labeled to reflect which option is associated with each form type. Failure to apply the correct type to assigned form will result in a failure in integration. 

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How to Open the Form Builder


  1. To access the Form Builder, open the YAPi Dashboard.

  2. Click the Setup and Manage icon 2019-09-03_11-44-13.png at the top of the YAPI Dashboard and click the Manage Documents and Templates option from the dropdown.

  3. Enter your password and click Ok.

  4. Within the Manage Documents and Templates window, click on the iPad Forms tab. 

  5. Look and click on the document you wish to edit, then click on the Edit button on the right-hand side of the Manage Documents and Templates window.

Adding Content

At the bottom of the Form Builder window is an Add button. Clicking on the Add button will introduce a drop-down window that will give a list of questions to introduce into the form. 


With the Question type added, double-clicking the row will open up a window associated with the question type with its own field and options. 

As an addition, an integrated form must NOT be scrollable so as to avoid breaking the integration. 

The following Question types are useful options to choose from to introduce integrated questions into integrated forms. 

Patient Information

Patient Header


The Patient Header field collects basic identifying information from the patient. Certain fields can be enabled, disabled, or edited within the Question type editor. 


Patient Address


This field collects addresses and contact information for patients.  


1.png Question The label for the street address line 1 (displayed online only).
2.png Answer is required The patient(s) must include this information to complete the form.
3.png Read Only The field only displays information and does not collect it.
4.png Has Border Applies a simple border around this field.











UNCHECKED: Existing patient address information stored in your PMS is displayed.

CHECKED: Makes the fields empty each time the form is loaded.

Use Empty for New Patient forms, as you do not already have address information to display.

6.png Add Phone Adds a field for a phone number.
7.png Add Email, Mobile Phone Adds a field for an email address and a mobile phone number.
8.png Add Work Phone Adds a field for a work phone number.
9.png Add 'Same Address for Entire Family' Checkbox Adds a checkbox where the patient can indicate if the same address should be applied to all family members. For use with Family Mode only.
NOTE: You can only use one Patient Address field per form.

In addition, you have the option to add an "I checked all that apply" checkbox to the bottom of the form.

Student Status


This field asks the patient about their student status. 


1.png Question The Student Status question.
2.png Options Contains the list values. Write each value on a separate line.
3.png Required Makes the field mandatory for the patient to select an answer from the list to proceed.
4.png Include School Name question Adds School Name field.


Appointment Reminder Preferences 


This field collects approvals from patients regarding sending email and text messages for appointment reminders. You may edit the text of the questions, but the default should suffice.

The only options for this component are Destination, where you select where it will appear (iPad, Online, or both), and whether the field buttons appear in English or Spanish.


Referred By


This field is a simple text field for collecting the name of the doctor who referred the patient to your practice.

By default, the tag is automatically selected. The only option is if you would like for this field to be required. 


Medical History

NOTE: The following form types must ALWAYS be made available on the first page to allow integration to function. Information will not transfer to the Practice Management Software otherwise. 

Medical Conditions


This field allows the patient to select pre-existing conditions.

You can choose from a selection of pre-defined titles or write your own. In addition, you have the option to add an "I checked all that apply" checkbox to the bottom of the form.


Allergies (OpenDental Only)


This field allows the patient to select the allergies they experience.

You can choose from a selection of pre-defined titles or write your own.


Medications (OpenDental Only) 


This field set allows the patient to into a set amount of medications used currently. Tapping on the field cell will introduce a scrolling list of preset medications. 


You can choose from a selection of pre-defined titles or write your own. In addition, you have the option to add a "Use popup control" checkbox to show an open list to check off which medications are in use.



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