Practice Online Portal - Getting Help

The Get Help Page

To find out more information on how to use POP or any other YAPI resources: 

  1. On the navigation pane, click Get Help.
    • The Self Help section contains a link to the YAPI Knowledge Base website, Which houses multiple articles about POP and all other YAPI features.

    • The Request Support section contains a link to the Submit a Request page, where you can submit a request for assistance from a YAPI Helpdesk Specialist.

    • System Information provides diagnostic information about the current version of YAPI residing on the server of your dental practice. This includes:

      • The GUID, which is your Practice ID code

      • The YAPI Version currently used on the server

      • The Plug-In that is connected to your Practice Management Software

      • The Plug-In Version

      • The Operating System (OS) of your server

      • The User-Agent information pertaining to the internet browser accessing POP and device information


The Help Bubble

To get quick answers and articles directly from our Knowledge Base:

NOTE: The Help Bubble only shows on desktop.
    1. Click on the Help Bubble on the bottom left corner of the screen. This is present on all pages of  POP.


    2. Enter a word or phrase into the search bar.

    3. Clicking on the result to see the article content in the help window. Clicking the original article icon will open the article in a new browser tab.   


    4. Click on the Minimize (_) button on the top right corner of the Help Bubble to dismiss the search bar and return the Help Bubble to its original state.

NOTE: This search feature is directly connected to the Knowledge Base, and search results will auto-populate based on your search query.
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