Practice Online Portal - Using POP in Offline Mode

When POP is unable to get a connection to your dental office’s server computer or the YAPI Service on the server computer is deactivated, POP will automatically enter Offline Mode. This mode is distinguished from Online Mode by the change of the color scheme from Blue to Gray. A pop-up will also display, notifying users that the connection to the server has failed. Clicking RECONNECT in the pop-up or clicking the refresh Screen_Shot_2019-05-03_at_1.29.59_PM.png icon on the top-right corner of the screen will force POP to attempt to reconnect to the server machine. 


In offline mode, several  features can be accessed on the dashboard from the navigation pane:

    • Home will display the main screen for POP.

    • Appointments will retrieve a limited listing of patients. POP still stores 7 days worth of appointments for offline access. Every day during the housekeeping process, the YAPI software uploads and stores a copy of appointments for a week.

    • User Management is fully functional with the ability to invite, view, and deactivate users.

    • Get Help is still active to direct you to provide Self Help or to Request Support. If you are still experiencing issues attempting to connect POP to your server, use these options to help troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing.


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