Phone Assistant 2.0 Testing and Simulating Calls

Run Simulation


  1. Open the YAPI Dashboard.

  2. Click the Tools 2019-10-10_11-11-07.png button on the top of the YAPI Dashboard.

  3. Click on Administrative Tools, then click Phone Assistant.

  4. Of the two options available, click Simulate Incoming Call


  5. An additional window will appear, this will populate a default number but to confirm that the settings were active, type in a number of a patient currently within the PMS. Click the Ok button.

    NOTE: Ensure that Extension 101 is introduced to the Phone Assistant 2.0 window to make simulations populate correctly. 


  6. A successful pop-up will include a compact view showing a simulated patient. 

Call in with Phone 

  1. If there is a Test Patient already introduced into the Practice Management Software with a saved number, use that number for the test call. 

  2. Attempt to call the office, if the compact view appears with the test patient, communication is successful. 

NOTE: If the Phone test fails, refer to the Phone Assistant Troubleshooting Directory
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