Sending an Email Blast to Patients Past Due on their Recall

Being able to message patients past due for upcoming check-ups and cleanings doesn't have to be a hassle. With the built-in feature in the Recall Manager, you can easily send a Mail Blast to all your past due patients at once.

The following article shows how to quickly copy your Recall Past Due list to use in a Mail Blast for immediate sending.  If you don't already have a template made, we recommend creating your template or downloading and importing one from our pre-made template library first and then returning here for instructions to send the Mail Blast.

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Copying Your List of Past Due Patients


  1. In the YAPI Dashboard, click the Recall Manager Recall_Manager.png button and select Recall Past Due.

  2. In the Sort By menu (bottom left), select how you'd like your list sorted. In the Past Due section, select a time frame.


  3. Click Get (bottom right) to load your list of past due patients.


    If you chose to sort by Latest Reminder, also adjust the interval in the Select Date Interval pop-up to only show patients who have received reminders within a set amount of days.


  4. Click Copy to automatically copy all your past due patients' email addresses.


    Note: Clicking Copy copies the emails to your computer's clipboard so you won't see any dialog boxes appear or notifications that they've been copied.  This is similar to copying and pasting text in a word processing document or browser - it just happens in the background!

Sending the Mail Blast


  1. Open the Mail Blast feature by clicking the Online icon Online.png and selecting Mail Blast.

  2. When prompted, enter your YAPI password.

  3. Click the From Report checkbox at the bottom of the pop-up window, then click the OK.


  4. In the Template dropdown, select the email template you'd like to use. 


  5. Optional: In the Proof to box, add your email address if you'd like a report sent to you confirming that the email sent out.

  6. Click Send!


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