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One of the greatest strengths YAPI holds is the ability to receive and process documents and treatment plans via iPad or Online. Processing this information is done via the print module referred to as YAPi Writer, a feature that carries a separate install process from the main YAPI Dashboard installation. If at any point YAPI Writer is uninstalled or failed to install, a tutorial on how to install can be found in the How do I install YAPI Writer article. The following article will explain the features of YAPI Writer and how to file documents through it. 

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Accessing the YAPI Writer

YAPI Writer is typically accessible when importing documents submitted via iPad and when a Treatment Plan is applied to a patient for signing purposes. When a patient submits their document from the iPad it will populate on the YAPI Dashboard next to the Patient checked in. 


Right-clicking and clicking on Show Documents from the following pop-up will introduce the YAPI Writer with the full list of documents completed by the patient. 

Alternatively, Testing YAPI Writer can also be applied to test the transfer process between YAPI to the integrated Practice Management Software. 

Using YAPI Writer 


  • Save 2019-12-02_13-27-43.png - The Save button allows for the chosen document to be saved in a .pdf format. Clicking the Save button will first open a File Explorer, selecting the destination to save, typing the File Name, and the Save As type. Click the Save button in the bottom right corner of the File Explorer window to confirm the destination for the document. 


  • Open in Acrobat 2019-12-02_13-27-43.png - The Open in Acrobat button directly opens an instance of the document with Adobe Acrobat. This allows for the ability to examine the form within a full-screen format and can be saved and/or exported as additional file options. 

  • Delete 2019-12-02_13-27-43.png - The Delete button removes the form from the queue within the YAPI Writer. Clicking on the Delete button will prompt a confirmation window to confirm the deletion. 


  • Print 2019-12-02_13-27-43.png - The Print button opens an additional window similar to a typical print option selection. The drop-down defaults to YAPI Writer but can be printed from any attached printer and digital printing module to transfer content to other programs. 


  • Copy to Clipboard 2019-12-02_13-27-43.png - The Copy to Clipboard button copies a .pdf copy of the document within the clipboard, and can be pasted on to a folder or the desktop in a saved format. 

  • Email 2019-12-02_13-27-43.png - The Email button utilizes the mail feature to send out copies of the completed forms to receivers such as the patient or authorized entities. The email is already populated with the attached .pdf and can use preset templates for the intended email. 


  • Add Signature 2019-12-02_13-27-43.png - The Add Signature button opens a window that can allow for a free hand signature to be added using the mouse. Clicking on the Dropdown will introduce the list of Providers saved, otherwise typing into the box will allow for a custom name to be introduced. 


Completing the Signature will introduce a stamp on to the final page of the .pdf. 


  • Annotate 2019-12-02_13-27-43.png - The Annotate button introduces an annotation to the .pdf of the saved document. Clicking the button will introduce a window with an Author dropdown that can either introduce a list of saved providers or introduce a custom author by typing the name normally. In the Text box, introduce the message that will be annotated, then click the Spell Check button. This will confirm the message is spelled correctly and will allow the Ok button to be accessible. Clicking the Ok button will add the annotation to the .pdf. 


Depending on the PDF Reader installed, the annotation added will be visible in a window or a tab within the program seen below. 


  • File into PMS 2019-12-02_13-27-43.png - The File into PMS button will prompt the process to import the document into the Patient's folder within the Practice Management Software. The button will prompt a pop-up requesting the Category on the PMS the document will be saved in and a Note to add additional information.


If the document includes additional edits such as an added signature or an annotation, an additional prompt will appear requesting permission to save the changes for the import process. 


  • Update Patient's Record 2019-12-02_13-45-06.png - Similar to the File into PMS button, the Update Patient's Record button imports a document that includes integrated data for either Patient Information documents or Medical History documents.

The Patient Information import process will typically include information that as the name of the patient, the submitted contact information, the address of the patient, referral and language preference. 


The Medical History import process will show the Medical Problems, Allergies, and Medications (PMS dependant) the patient submitted and includes non-listed submissions that can be added to the PMS and YAPI list of conditions. 


Both Import windows include a Create Alert in YAPI button, which will add a notification alert to the Patient's profile on the YAPI Dashboard in case additional information must be made apparent to providers and staff. 


NOTE: Be sure to confirm the filled fields are being used correctly as improperly typed information can cause communication errors when attempting to import.

Click the Update button to confirm and save the information into the PMS for the patient. 

Additional information on how to import documents via YAPI for signing and filing can be found in Signing Treatment Plans.

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