Phone Assistant 2.0 Installation

Initial Setup

Service Version Update

Phone Assistant 2.0 will require version 1.4.531 on the YAPI workstation and the YService to function. Ensure that this update is applied to the service before attempting to install the Phone Assistant application. Contact and schedule an appointment with  Account Management to proceed with the update. 


The YAPI Outgoing and Incoming Network Ports will list all the required ports for YAPI to function. However, for Phone Assistant specifically a new set of ports will be introduced:

Firewall Rules Ports
 UDP Inbound Ports 19000,19001
UDP Outbound Ports 19000,19001


The original port of 3520 will be replaced with 19000 and/or 19001 with the 1.4.531 update. As a result, the above ports will be required and their additions will need to be applied to the Firewall.

Port 19000 is intended to work if the Practice is using the old version of Phone Assistant. 

Port 19001 is intended to work with Phone Assistant 2.0. This will be the default port during startup. 

Phone Assistant Installation

  1. Click on Get Phone Assistant to download the setup application for Phone Assistant. 

  2. After the download completes, launch the downloaded YAPI-PHAS-MON.application. This will open a new window. 


  3. Click Install, this will create a loading screen and once loading completes, an additional window requesting permission to run the application. 


  4. Click Run, this will automatically start Phone Assistant.  

NOTE: After installation, the Phone Assistant application will create a desktop icon. 

To have the Phone Assistant start when the workstation boots up, follow the Phone Assistant 2.0 Task Scheduler article.

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