Phone Assistant 2.0 Housekeeping


At the start-up of Phone Assistant 2.0, a cache folder created during Housekeeping is required in order for the Phone Assistant to connect correctly to the YService. YAPI must complete its first Housekeeping before installing Phone Assistant 2.0. Housekeeping can be forced early by prompting Housekeeping through Administrative Tools. 


  1. Open the YAPI Dashboard.

  2. Click the Tools 2019-10-10_11-11-07.png button on the top of the YAPI Dashboard.

  3. Click on Administrative Tools, then click YAPI Service.

  4. Click on Run Housekeeping, and enter the YAPI administrative password at the password prompt. 


  5. A Housekeeping window will appear, click Yes when ready to proceed with housekeeping. This will reboot the YAPI Service. 

  6. Depending on the speed of the computer and the size of the Practice Management Software database, the Housekeeping can take up to close to an hour to complete. This Housekeeping will create the required cache folder needed for the Phone Assistant to recognize the YService. Once this process complete, restart the YAPI Workstation. 

  7. Run the Phone Assistant Application 2.0 once more. 

NOTE: Phone Assistant 2.0 will only populate patients that were introduced during the Housekeeping process. If a patient was added prior to the next scheduled Housekeeping, it will not populate with patient information from the Practice Management Software and will instead register as a non-patient call.  
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