Signing Treatment Plans

YAPI's greatest strength is the ability to quickly transfer documents for patient signing,  YAPI has the ability to transfer essential documents for Consents and Treatment Plans to an iPad.

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Practice Management Software Print Options

The following Practice Management Software logos will redirect to their respective proprietary articles. Click on the Practice Management Software currently integrated with your YAPI. 




YAPI Writer

When attempting to print from the Practice Management Software, the print module will either use its proprietary printing method or introduce the window below dedicated to YAPI Writer. 


Confirm that YAPI Writer is the chosen printer from the Print window. Once selected, click Print. 

The document will appear within the YAPI Writer, and multiple options will appear in relation to how to use the document. Two primary uses will be the following: 

Send to Patient on Dashboard


Clicking Move to and selecting the patient from the dropdown will choose a patient that is already checked in to the Practice Dashboard for immediate signing.

Clicking Ok will make the document available next to the patient's avatar.


Send to Patient in Advance


Clicking Add to Document Queue will save the document for later signing once the patient becomes available within the Practice Dashboard. 


A Select Patient window will appear. In the Search bar, type in the name of the patient that will be signing the form. The patient will populate from the list below.

Click on the selected patient, then once highlighted, click the Continue button. 


The Add to Document Queue window will appear, the name of the patient will already populate from the prior window, and there will be two empty fields to fill. 

The Category dropdown field will be based on the saved document categories available from the Practice Management Software. From the dropdown, click on the category that serves to house the treatment plans at the practice. 

The Name field will be the official name designated to the document as it is being imported into the Treatment Plan folder saved on the Practice Management Software. Ensure that the document is identifiable in relation to the treatment being applied.

Once all fields are filled appropriately, click the Add button on the bottom-right corner of the window. The queued document will be saved in the Document Queue 2019-12-16_13-54-01.png until the patient is checked in. 


Once the patient is checked in, the document automatically is made available next to the patient's avatar on the Practice Dashboard. 



Signing the Treatment Plan

On the iPad, press and hold the clipboard icon next to the patient and tap on the Sign Document option. Available Treatments Plans to be signed by the patient will be found at the top of the list of packages and forms with the Queued tag. 


Further instructions on signing documents can be found on the Adding a Signature to an iPad Form article. 

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