YAPI/Dentrix Slow or Failing

Have you noticed that Today's Schedule on YAPI is taking a long time to load when you are currently working with Dentrix? Your Appointbook or Treatment Planner slowly loading or not failing to load? It may be related to how your computer has LLMNR active.  

Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR) is a protocol based on a DNS packet format that can only operate via a local link, which means it cannot operate as a replacement for a proper DNS. This protocol is typically supposed to be used to allow IPv4 and IPv6 hosts to operate together on the same said local link. As stated on page 7 of the Dentrix G5 System Requirements Manual, "LLMNR would need to be disabled on the newer clients until the 2003 server could be replaced by a computer with a newer operating system". However, this issue continues to exist with Dentrix G6 and other Operating Systems used as the server, and the result is Dentrix modules attempting to launch or cooperate with YAPI will populate slowly or fail to initialize.

To avoid this issue, it is recommended to disable LLMNR before considering the update to Dentrix G7, as the upgrade may require an Operating System upgrade on top of the Dentrix version. The following are different methods in disabling Link-Local Multicast Resolution.  

NOTE: Please notify the Network Administrator or the IT Representative of the office before proceeding with this process. 

Group Policy Editor

  1. Open the Start menu 2019-12-10_13-32-29.png at the bottom-left corner of the Desktop. 

  2. Open the Search feature for the Desktop and search for either Edit Group Policy or Group Policy Editor


  3. Within the Local Group Policy Editor window, navigate through the following folders:

    Computer Configuration > Administrative Template > Network > DNS Client


  4. Open Turn off Multicast Name Resolution.


  5. On the top-left hand side will be the list of options to toggle the feature. Click on the Disabled option to disable Multicast Name on the local machine.


  6. Confirm the change by clicking on the Apply button at the bottom-right corner, followed by the Ok button, then close the Turn off Multicast Name Resolution window. 

  7. Restart the Computer once the changes are applied.

  8. Test the Dentrix modules that were experiencing slow down to test for changes. 


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