Message Filtering

Are you in an office that receives a bit too much information from other workstations and patients? The YAPI Dashboard includes an easy message filtering menu when trying to limit the information being received. Considering how the options for this feature is found in the Local Setup.

NOTE: The adjustments applied to the chosen workstation will only apply towards said workstation, and will need to be introduced to each workstation that requires the filtering.

The following article will introduce Message Filtering from within the Local Setup, and show how to configure the settings for it. 

Accessing the Message Filtering


  1. To access the Message Filter, open the YAPI Dashboard.

  2. Click the Setup and Manage icon 2019-09-03_11-44-13.png at the top of the YAPI Dashboard and click the Local Setup option from the dropdown.

  3. The Message Filter will be in a baby blue box on the top-right corner of the Local Setup window.

 Using Message Filtering


  • Filter Options - The filter options will be available via a dropdown. Clicking on the dropdown will introduce the following options:

    • All Messages - The All Messages option will allow all communication to be made available. This includes intra-office communication, appointment confirmations, and patient updates. 

    • Essential Messages - The Essential Messages option limits messages related to appointment cancellation and patient updates such as arrival and operatory movement. 

    • Messages to this Computer and Staff listed below - The Messages to this Computer and Staff listed below option will omit certain messages in relation to directed messages and provider messages. This option will unlock a white list field to receive specific messages for a provider and can be adjusted by clicking the Right Arrow button 2019-12-19_14-12-21.png. Providers not introduced in this white list will not reveal their messages to the workstation.  

    • Do Not Disturb - The Do Not Disturb option disables all incoming messages and notifications to the workstation.

  • Exclude Staff - The Exclude Staff field will hide messages related to particular providers. Clicking the Right Arrow button 2019-12-19_14-12-21.png to open a window showing all the available providers. Click on the checkboxes next to the provider to add them to the Excluded Staff list for the workstation. This list will be visible via the grey field next to the Exclude Staff title.    

  • Receive Mobile Text and Patient Communication - The Receive Mobile Text and Patient Communication checkbox allows patient communication to be sent to the workstation. This will include direct Appointment Confirmation from the patient and mobile inquiries requested by the patient. 

  • Show Processed Mobile Text - This Show Processed Mobile Text checkbox allows notifications related to YAPI processes to appear on the screen. This will include appointment creation, confirmation, and operatory actions. This checkbox will not be accessible unless the Receive Mobile Text and Patient Communication checkbox is active. 

  • Receive Administrative Messages - The Receive Administrative Messages checkbox enables the workstation to receive messages related to the overall functionality of the workstation. Such messages include but are not limited to error messages affecting workstation functionality and updates applied to medical conditions lists. 

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