Adding Forms for Patients to Sign at a Future Appointment


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If you know which forms you need a patient to sign when they arrive for the appointment, you can attach them to the patient ahead of time within the Daily Huddle Report.  This way, your team can prep forms during slower periods and save time later when the office gets busy.  Follow the instructions below to add forms to individual patients prior to their appointment.

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Adding Forms to a Patient

  1. From the YAPI Dashboard, click Huddle Huddle.png.

  2. When the Daily Huddle Report window pops up, select the date of the patient's appointment, then click Get.


  3. When the report loads, locate the patient's name and click on it. From the dropdown window, select Add Documents.


  4. In the Create Document List window that pops up, click Form to select an individual form or Package to select a pre-made package (like new patient forms). From the dropdown, click the form or package you want to attach to the patient, then click Ok.


    The forms and/or packages of forms you added to the patient will display as Pending Documents in the Daily Huddle Report:


    Tip: To remove the forms from a patient, click Pending Documents, select Remove Pending Documents, then click Yes.
  5. Optional: Repeat Step 4 to add additional packages or forms. 


Assigning Pre-Added Forms When Patients Arrive

When your patient shows up for their next appointment, you'll need to assign their pre-added forms to them on an iPad.  For more on how to recognize when patients have pre-added forms and how to assign them, see Assigning Recurring & Pre-Assigned Forms to a Patient.


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