Assigning Documents for Future Appointments

Documents have the flexibility to queue to a patient's appointment before the day of the appointment via the Daily Huddle. This function will greatly improve planning and productivity, giving your office the edge in getting your patients ready for their appointment as soon as possible. The following article will show how to access the Daily Huddle's document queue and how to access them on the day of the appointment.

Adding Documents to Daily Huddle

  1. Open the YAPI Dashboard, then click the Huddle button 2020-01-13_11-09-24.png on the top of the Dashboard.


  2. The Daily Huddle Report window will appear blank. In the bottom-right corner in the date selection, select the date of the patient's appointment. Then click the Get button.


  3. Click on the patient's name that will have the queued documents. From the dropdown window that will appear, click the Add Documents option.


  4. A Create Document List will appear, with buttons to either add a Package or a Form to the list. Click either the Package or the Form button and click on the documents that should be added to the patient. Click the Ok button once completed.


  5. The Pending Documents will be visible on the Daily Huddle after the documents are submitted. Documents can be removed by clicking on Pending Documents.


Accessing Queued Documents

When the patient is checked in through the Practice Management Software for the appointment day, a Pending Documents alert 2020-01-13_13-44-06.png will appear on the patient's check-in.


 On the iPad, when holding down the Clipboard icon IMG_0031.png a set of options will appear. 


Tapping the Pending Documents option will populate the list of queued documents ready for signing.


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