Finding YAPI Install on your Network

During the initial installation of YAPI on the practice private network, two folders will be made available to access important information related to YAPI. One is referred to as the YService, where key information all YAPI workstations access on the network, and the YAPI Install/YAPI Setup folder. This latter folder will include the YAPI install wizard that can be used on all workstations connected to the network. This installer can also be found via the YAPI website, but a fast way to access the already saved installer is available. 

The following article will show how to find the YAPI Install folder on the network, and how to set up the YAPI Install folder if it is not available. 

Finding the YAPI Install

  1. Click the File Explorer icon 2019-11-21_12-32-07.png on the bottom of the Desktop on the Taskbar. The File Explorer window will appear.

    NOTE:  If this is icon is not available, the Recycle Bin on the Desktop can be used as an alternative method of opening a File Explorer. 

  2. In the long field bar, type in the name or the IP Address of the server with the following format: \\SERVER or \\


    NOTE: Every server name and IP address will be different and may sometimes be referred to simply as Server. You can check the Network option on the left-hand sidebar to see if the server is available there.

  3.  The YAPI Install or YAPI Setup folder will be available as a shared folder from the server. Double-clicking the folder will introduce the contents for the install and can be started by double-clicking RunThis2InstallYAPI.exe. Further information on how to install YAPI on the workstation can be found on the Installing YAPI on a New Computer / Workstation article. 

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