Recommended App Configuration - Back Office iPads

Once you've installed and connected YAPI on your office iPads, you may want to configure each differently depending on who is using them.  For example, we know that back office and front office team members likely won't use YAPI's iPad app in the same way.  Below, we've listed our recommended configuration for iPads used in the back office so you can best fit the app to your team's needs.

Warning! These settings are recommended for back office iPads being used by office staff only.  For any back office iPads used by patients for signing forms, use the Recommended App Configuration for Front Office iPads.

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Recommended Settings

YAPI Password on This Device Empty
Password Protection for Dashboard Off
Show Patient's Last Name on Dashboard On
Show Appointment Details on Dashboard On
Show Patient Information Yes
Dismiss Patients On
Email Patients On
Enable Drawing On
Enable AirPrint On
Message Filter All


Adding the Recommended Settings

  1. In the YAPI iPad app, tap Configuration in the bottom right.


  2. If you've set up a YAPI password on this iPad, enter your password.

  3. Scroll down to Security and Privacy and set the following:

    • YAPI Password on This Device  - Remove the password from this box for quicker navigation between sections of the app.

    • Password Protection for Dashboard - Disable this feature for quicker navigation between sections of the app.

    • Show Patient's Last Name on Dashboard - Enable this feature to display the full names of patients for fast and easier identification. 

    • Show Patient Information - Set this to Yes.  This allows team members to access detailed patient information via the iPad.


  4. Scroll further down to the Dashboard section and enable the following:

    • Dismiss patients - This allows team members to dismiss patients from the iPad app. 

    • Email patients - The email feature with the iPad app can be used to email patients directly with updates, reminders, or copies of completed forms.


  5. Scroll further down to the Documents section and enable the following:

    • Enable Airprint - Enable this setting if your practice has a printer that supports AirPrint.  This setting allows team members to print completed patient forms directly from the iPad.

    • Enable drawing - Drawing allows team members to write and circle items on a completed form or treatment plan.


  6. Finally, scroll down to the Messenger section.

    • Message Filter - Set this to All.   This allows in-office messages between team members to display in the iPad app, making your back office team more mobile.


  7. Tap Save, then tap OK.


  8. Force quit the YAPI app and reopen it for your changes to take effect.


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