Copy and Pasting Routing Slip Notes

The Routing Slip feature covered in the YAPI Training Lesson 1.3 video introduces the process in how to use the routing slip during check out. 


For some Practice's retaining this information in additional locations such as the Practice Management Software notes field. The transcript of the notes will be saved in the user's clipboard and can be pasted in the patient's appointment notes in the Practice Management Software or on a Word document/Notepad. 


NOTE: The Email options and Care Call will not appear in this clipboard copy.

 To save the information on the clipboard for pasting:

  1. When the Patient is Checked Out, the Routing Slip will appear.

  2. Fill out the relevant information in the Routing Slip. Click the Checkout button to complete the slip. If certain sections require additional information at dismissal, the Routing Slip will appear once more for further confirmation. 

  3. Once the Routing Slip is completed and the patient fully dismissed, the Routing Slip will save a summary copy of the Routing Slip in the user's clipboard. 

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