Have you seen Santa? - FAQ


He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake.

He also knows that your cavity needs a serious root canal.

This FAQ will explain the mysteries behind Santa and why he is on your YAPI Practice Dashboard:

Q: Who is Santa?

A: Santa is an anomaly that breached containment hundreds of years ago from [REDACTED]. He currently gives out large amounts of gifts to children once every December 25th. How he gathered the resources for these gifts remains to be unknown.

Q: Why is Santa on my Practice Dashboard?

A: Santa will appear on your Practice Dashboard through sheer will alone. In the month of December, the first patient checked into the Practice Dashboard after 12:00 pm will be designated Santa Claus. 


Q: What can happen when Santa appears?

A: Santa will bring joy to everyone in the office and remind you all to have a Happy Holiday via his existence.

Q: How long will Santa appear?

A: Santa will continue to appear on the Practice Dashboard until December ends, where he will hibernate until next year's December. 

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