Santa Claus in the YAPI Dashboard

If you've seen Santa on your Dashboard that can mean only one thing - you've been good this year!  Read more about our Santa avatar below.

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When Does Santa Appear in the Dashboard?

The Santa avatar appears once each day in the month of December and replaces the avatar for the first patient checked in after 12pm.  



Why Does Santa Appear?

Just to spread a little holiday cheer!  Everyone needs a little pick-me-up, and when your team is hustling to get those end-of-year checkups in, we thought we'd have Santa pop in just to say hello each day.


Can I Add or Remove Santa Manually?

Currently, removing Santa for the month or choosing which patient has the Santa avatar isn't supported.  That option is in development, but until then, if you want to remove Santa from your Dashboard each day:

  1. Right-click on the Santa avatar, select the patient's name and choose Dismiss.


  2. Then, check the patient back into the Dashboard via Today's Schedule:




Is There a Full Holiday Avatar Set?

Not yet!  But we hope to develop one as we work to bring you new YAPI features. 


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