Patient Finder

How to Access the Patient Finder

YAPI has a robust search feature to actively find and interact with patients with a suite of different options to communicate or adjust for upcoming appointments. This list of patients is directly grabbed from the Practice Management Software with little setup needed. The following will show how to access the Patient Finder and what tools are available to better interact and enhance the experience with the patient.

How to Access the Patient Finder 


  1. Within the YAPI Practice Dashboard, click on the Patients button 2019-10-02_12-37-49.png.

  2. From the dropdown, click on the Patient Finder option. The Patient Finder window will appear.  

Patient Finder 


1.png The Search by tabs will change how the search for patients. Clicking on the tabs will change the search field in relation to the chosen tab.
2.png The Search button will use the inputted data from the Search field to populate a list of patients. 

The list of patients will be found in the box below the Search by tabs. A checkbox is found next to each patient to be selected for the additional features at the bottom of the Patient Finder.


The bottom selection options change what patients are checked for additional actions within the Patient Finder.


The Export button allows the currently populated list to be populated into a CSV file. Clicking on the Export button will introduce a new window showing the different variables that can be displayed.


Clicking on Ok will open a File Explorer window to save the CSV file.

6.png The Email button allows for checkmarked patients to be selected for receiving emails. This can also directly send email templates to patients to send them their new patient forms immediately or other preset templates. 
7.png The Print button allows for the currently populated list of patients to be printed or exported to Adobe to be converted into a PDF.  
8.png  The Print Postcard button creates a window that requests the template that will be used and the name of the batch. Clicking Ok will send the postcard to the Mail Queue for future printing.
9.png  The Active patients only checkbox will populate the list of patients to only active patients. Adjusting the status of patients can be adjusted in the patient's profile in the Practice Management Software. 

Patient Finder Options

Clicking on a specific patient's name will introduce a dropdown that will have a list of options to choose from. 


  • Remember this patient - The Remember this patient option was a feature that would allow for the patient to be cached within YAPI to be used in conjunction with other modules. 

  • Show appointments - The Show appointments option will reveal a window that shows a list of scheduled appointments for the patient.

  • Reveal Picture - Reveal Picture shows the saved picture of the patient saved in the Practice Management Software. 

  • Check-in - The Check-in option adds the patient to the Check-In Area independent from the appointment set on the Practice Management Software.

  • Communication - The Communication option introduces a suite of options to communicate directly to the patient, including Communication Options to adjust message filtering and logs showing messages that have been sent to the patient. 

    NOTE: Clicking on the Mobile Number and Email directly on the Patient Finder list will automatically open the corresponding Send Message window to the patient.
  • Find Family Members - The Find Family Members option will reveal a window that will show family members associated with the patient saved from the Practice Management Software.

  • Interest Lists - The Interests Lists option allows for the patient to be added to an interest list or have their associated interest list edited. Additional information can be found in the Interest List article.

  • Add Alert - The Add Alert option will introduce an alert even if the patient is not checked-in. Additional information can be found in Your Guide to Patient Alerts.

  • Add To-Do - The Add To-Do option will introduce a task or appointment note within YAPI independent from the Practice Management Software. Additional information can be found in "Getting it Done!" Adding To-Do's to your Schedule.

  • Add to Care Call List - The Add to Care Call List option adds the selected patient to the care call list. Additional information can be found in Using YAPI's Care Call List.

  • Send Appointment Reminder - The Send Appointment Reminder option allows for appointment messages and their triggers to be sent to the patient. Additional information can be found in How to Send Appointment Reminders Manually.

    NOTE: This option will only appear if the patient was searched via the Appointment tab in the Patient Finder.
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