Finding and Ejecting Patients on the Dashboard

You are working in a large dental office with patients constantly coming in and out, and now you lost the patient you were working with on the Dashboard! For offices with a large number of active operatories on the Practice Dashboard, finding patients in where they might be can seem overwhelming. Thankfully these patients can be found from a quick list of checked-in patients and can be found quickly via YAPI's tools.

The following article will show how to find patients in the current operatory they are residing in, and show an emergency feature for ejecting patients for certain operatories. 

How to Access the Find Patient Window


  1. Open the YAPI Practice Dashboard on the workstation.

  2. Click on the Tools button 2019-10-10_11-11-07.png at the top of the Practice Dashboard.

  3. From the drop selection, click on the Find Patient option. A window showing the current list of checked-in patients and their assigned operatory will appear.


Ejecting Patients

WARNING! Ejecting patients will remove all documents attached to the patient without a warning prompt. Import all documents to the Practice Management Software before ejecting the patient. If the document was deleted by this manner, check the Retrive Recent Documents option in case the document was preserved. 


The ejection of patients may be necessary in case an error occurs where patients cannot be checked out under normal means. This process, however, should not be the go-to method of removing patients within the Practice Dashboard and should only be used in an emergency. 

  1. Click on the patient to eject.

  2. On the keyboard, tap the Ctrl and E keys together.

  3. A warning window will appear to confirm the ejection. Click Yes to confirm. 

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