iPad Recommended Setup - Treatment Coordinator

The YAPI iPad app has a plethora of options that can be used to change how a Practice can use their iPads to better fit their office use. For this iPad Recommended Setup, we'll be configuring the iPad for treatment plans and the coordinators that administer them. The typical user for this iPad will be the Treatment Coordinator, with minimal use by the patient outside of signing treatment plans. 

Configuring the YAPI iPad App

  1. Open the YAPI app on the iPad.

  2. Tap the Configuration option in the bottom-right corner of the screen.


  3. The Configuration page will appear and the options will be available as you scroll through the page.

Recommended Setup

  1. Scroll down to Security and Privacy and enable the following:

    • Password protection for Dashboard - Since this iPad configuration is intended to be used by the Treatment Coordinator, a password is not necessary since it will not be primarily used by the patient. This setting can be turned on depending on the discretion of the office.

    • Show Patient's Last Name on Dashboard - This will reveal the full name of the patient for easier identification. 

    • Show patient information - This will reveal additional information to the coordinator when reviewing the patient.


  2. Scroll further down to the Dashboard section and enable the following:

    • Enable Patient FinderThis feature will allow for patients to be found via the iPad and can be checked-in directly to the Check-In Area. 

    • Check-in patientsThis allows for the actual function of checking in the patient via patient finder.

    • Dismiss patients - This allows for patients to be dismissed directly from the iPad.

    • Email patients - The email feature can be used to email the patient directly with updates, reminders, or copies of documents. 


  3. Scroll further down to the Documents section and enable the following:

    • Enable AirprintIf the office has a printer that supports Airprint, documents can be sent directly to the printer for further physical printing.

    • Enable drawing - The drawing is used to highlight or help illustrate portions of the procedure for the patient. 

    • Show Document ListThis feature will allow documents to be visible to the patient as they fill out their list of forms.


  4. Finally, scroll down to the Messenger section and enable the Message Filter:

    • Message FilterThis feature will make sure unnecessary messages are not sent to the iPad via global messages.


  5. After applying all the configuration changes, click the Save button on the top-right corner of the screen. 


  6. Tap the Home button on the iPad, then restart the YAPI app. 

Configuration List

 Password protection for Dashboard  Off
 Enable AirPrint On 
 Show Patient's Last Name on Dashboard On
 Show Appointment Details on Dashboard On 
 Show patient information Yes 
 Enable Patient Finder On 
 Check-in patients On 
 Dismiss patients On 
 Email patients On 
 Enable Drawing On 
 Message Filter Essential
 Show Document List On 
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