Setting Up Translations for Spanish Forms

YAPI has the ability to establish translations for fields dedicated to patient information options and medical conditions. By default, the English and Spanish tables for the translations will be blank and default to English, but Spanish translations can be introduced and even imported to help translate medical document fields without additional assistance by staff.

The following article will show how to access the Translation window and how to manage the translations.

How to Access the Translations Window


  1. Open the YAPI Practice Dashboard on the workstation. 

  2. Click on the Tools button 2019-10-10_11-11-07.png on the top of the Practice Dashboard.

  3. Click on the first option, Administrative Tools option from the dropdown, then click the Utilities option, the fifth option from the following dropdown.

  4. Enter your password and click Ok.

  5. Finally, click on the Translations option, which will be the second to last option in the final dropdown list.

How to Manage the Translations Window


1.png The left-hand sidebar includes all the sections that can be adjusted within the Translation window. Clicking on one of the options will change the selected list.
2.png The English and Spanish translation tables will appear in the right-hand window. Double-clicking a field will allow for the field to be typed in manually or edited.
3.png  The Clear button will erase the entire list from the English and Spanish tables. 
4.png The Load MC, or Load Medical Conditions, button imports the list that is already saved on YAPI's Medical Conditions list. 
5.png The Import button allows for importing .xmls dedicated to the translation table. These .xmls are created via the Export button.
6.png  The Export button will create an .xml file that is a copy of the currently selected translation table. This .xml can be saved and shared with other offices who use YAPI.
7.png  The Save button saves the currently selected translation table. 

Spanish: Medical Terms

This section is dedicated to the Medical Conditions found on the Medical History form. This section is dependant on what conditions and problems the Practice decide to recognize as issues and will reference these conditions from the Practice Management Software. Further information on updating this list can be found on the Adding and Editing Medical Conditions to the PMS and the Changing Medical Conditions articles. To populate the list with the preset medical conditions:

  1. On the Translation window, click on the Spanish: Medical Terms option on the sidebar.

  2. Click on the Load MC button, this will populate the English table with the medical conditions list.

  3. Double-click the fields next to the listed medical condition. Due to the unique nature of some medical condition lists, Spanish translations will need to be inputted manually. 

  4. Once the translation table is fully translated, click the Save button. 

Spanish: Other

 This section is dedicated to the options that will appear when filling out Patient Information forms. The information on this section will typically include basic translations for essential words found in the form fields that have listed options. This set of options and its corresponding translations can be found attached in this article.

  1. Download the SPA.xml either through the link or via the attachment at the bottom of the article.

  2. On the Translation window, click on the Spanish: Other option on the sidebar.

  3. Click the Import button at the bottom of the Translate window, and from the File Explorer search for and select the SPA.xml.

  4. Once imported, the translation table will populate all the available translations. Complete the process by clicking on the Save button. 

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