Finding Your Facebook ID

One of the most popular social media platforms many patients integrate with is Facebook, and as such the site carries a lot of exposure and the potential to reach a wide audience of potential patients on this website alone. As such, YAPI's InstaReview as the ability also route reviews to your Facebook profile to continue promoting your Practice effectively and efficiently.

The following article will show how to find your Facebook ID and applying them to your YAPI InstaReview

Finding the Facebook ID

  1. Open your internet browser of choice, then go to

  2. Look for the web page for your Practice's Facebook profile and copy the URL of the profile.

  3. Open a new window, then go to

  4. In the search bar at the center, paste the URL of the Facebook profile. Click Find numeric ID after pasting.


  5. The Facebook ID will appear after the ID was successfully found. Copy the Facebook ID for the following steps.


Applying the Facebook ID


  1. From the YAPI Practice Dashboard, click on the Online 2019-11-25_12-37-05.png button.

  2. From the dropdown, click on the InstaReview option, then click on the Setup option.

  3. The InstaReview Setup window will appear, the Facebook ID will be in the pink section. Paste the copied ID into the field, then click the Ok button on the bottom-right corner of the window.


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