Creating & Sending Canned Text Messages

YAPI has a built-in method of responding to patients with quickly customized "canned messages". These canned messages can be used to reply or contact patients in a similar manner to mobile templates, without having to load up formal templates. 

The following article will show how to create canned messages, and show how to send them to patients directly. 

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How to Access Canned Messages


  1. From the Practice Dashboard, click on the Tools button 2019-10-10_11-11-07.png at the top of the Dashboard. 

  2. From the dropdown, click on the Administrative Tools options, then click on the Canned Messages option from the following dropdown. 

  3. From the final dropdown, click on Mobile Text.

Creating Canned Messages


  • Double-clicking the white field will introduce a new canned message entry that can be chosen in text messaging.

  • Write into the field with a custom message, then click the Save button.

  • Introducing a new canned message will add a new white field for new canned messages.

  • Clicking on the grey column for the select message and pressing the Delete key on the keyboard will delete the canned message entry.

Sending Canned Messages

There are two methods of utilizing canned messages for incoming and outgoing messages:



  • When responding to a message with a canned message, click on the Chat button 2020-02-20_09-35-59.png, then click on the Reply option from the dropdown. Clicking the Reply option will prompt the Send Mobile Text window



  1. Within the YAPI Practice Dashboard, click on the Patients button 2019-10-02_12-37-49.png.

  2. From the dropdown, click on the Patient Finder option. The Patient Finder window will appear.  


  3. Search for the patient you are looking for in the search field, then click on the patients's name. 

  4. From the dropdown, click on the Communication option. then click on Mobile Text. 

  5. Clicking the Send Text option will prompt the Send Mobile Text window. 

NOTE: Additional information on Patient Finder can be found in the Patient Finder article



  • A Send Mobile text window will appear with the phone number of the receiver auto-populated. Click on the Canned messages option to show a dropdown of all available canned messages.

  • Clicking on a preset canned message will populate the message into the message field, which can then be sent with the Send button.

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