Configuring Windows to Open YAPI at Startup

Windows is able to start YAPI on any of your workstations without the need for complicated triggers. Doing so is just a matter of adding the icon to your Startup folder. 

  1. While on the desktop, press the Windows Key + R on the keyboard to open the Run window. 


  2. The Run window will appear, there are two options to fill into the Open field:

    • shell:startup - This will open the startup folder associated with the current user of the workstation. 

    • shell:common startup - This will open the startup folder associated with all users on the workstation.

  3. The Startup folder window will appear. From the desktop, copy the shortcut icon for YAPI and then paste it into the Startup folder. Depending on whether you chose the one user or all users will change when the Practice Dashboard will appear during the workstation startup.


  4. Closeout the window and test the start-up by rebooting the workstation.

    NOTE: If the YAPI Practice Dashboard shows the Error E0499, the application will fail to open at startup. Full permissions must be given to the user accessing the YAPI folder on the C Drive to allow the startup to open correctly. 


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