Creating and Sending Quick Messages

Quick Messages are used to send fast responses to your teammates without the need of typing in full statements. These quick messages can be added easily from two locations within YAPI, and a full tutorial on how to apply Quick Messages can be found in our Intra-Office Communication video tutorial.

The following article will show how to access Quick Messages and how to send them to your office's teammates.

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How to Access Quick Messages


  1. From the Practice Dashboard, click on the Tools button 2019-10-10_11-11-07.png at the top of the Dashboard. 

  2. From the dropdown, click on the Administrative Tools options, then click on the Canned Messages option from the following dropdown. 

  3. From the final dropdown, click on Mobile Text.

Creating Quick Messages


  • Double-clicking the white field will introduce a new canned message entry that can be chosen in quick messaging.

  • Clicking on the dropdown button 2019-09-19_08-13-09.png under the To column will show a list of categories to assign the Quick Message.


    • ALL - This will allow the message to be available via either by sending or replying to messages. 

    • REPLY - This will have the message to only be available when replying to an incoming intra-office chat message.

    • [PROVIDERS] - This will preset a message dedicated to sending a message to a specific provider. 

  • Write into the field with a custom message, then click the Save button.

  • Introducing a new canned message will add a new white field for new canned messages.

  • Clicking on the grey column for the select message and pressing the Delete key on the keyboard will delete the canned message entry.

Sending Quick Messages

There are two methods of utilizing quick messages for incoming and outgoing messages:


  1. When an incoming message from another workstation appears, the message can be replied to with a Quick Message by clicking the Chat button 2020-02-20_09-35-59.png.


  2. A new button will appear, click on the Quick Message button 2020-02-21_12-00-35.png to show the preset messages in a dropdown.


  3. Click on any of the quick messages to automatically send the message.




  • From the Practice Dashboard, click on the Quick Messages button 2020-02-21_09-51-59.png to show the available preset quick messages. 

  • An alternative method of opening the Quick Manages window is found by clicking Manage Quick Messages. 


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