Troubleshooting: Error E0499 - Unable to Write to YAPI Folder

If you see a pop-up that reads "[E0499] Unable to write to YAPI folder...." when opening YAPI or when trying to save configuration changes, you can easily fix this with the steps below.


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Temporarily Fixing Error E0499

If your office is busy and you need a quick fix to the issue until you can permanently fix it later, for each workstation that shows the error:

  1. Close the YAPI Dashboard if it's still open.

  2. On the desktop, right-click the YAPI Dashboard shortcut icon and select Run as Administrator:


    You can use this method to open YAPI from now on or permanently fix the error on your workstation by using the instructions below.


Permanently Fixing Error E0499

While the temporary solution above works just fine, if you want to avoid having to right-click and select Run as Administrator each time you open YAPI, complete the following steps on each affected workstation:

Important!  You need administrative permissions on the workstation to complete these steps.
  1. On your desktop, right-click on the YAPI Dashboard shortcut icon and select Properties:


  2. In the Properties window that pops up, select the Shortcut tab and click Advanced:


  3. Select the Run as Administrator checkbox and click OK. Then OK again to save your change.


  4. Open the YAPI Dashboard as you normally would (by clicking the icon in your Windows task bar or double-clicking the YAPI shortcut on your desktop).


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