Setting up Recurring Documents

Recurring Documents is a useful autonomous document process that allows for returning patients to receive requests for documents to update their information. This can allow for data integrated documents such as Patient Information and Medical Histories to appear pending when a patient is required to update their documentation after a set amount of time. This can also apply to non-integrated documents, such as insurance updates, HIPAA, and other essential forms used by the office. 

The following article will show how to access recurring documents within YAPI, how to add recurring documents into a queued list and show how recurring documents will appear on the iPad.  

How to Access Recurring Documents


  1. To access the Recurring Documents, open the YAPI Practice Dashboard.

  2. Click the Setup and Manage icon 2019-09-03_11-44-13.png at the top of the YAPI Dashboard and click the Manage Documents and Templates option from the dropdown.

  3. Enter your password and click Ok.

  4. Within the Manage Documents and Templates window, click on the Recurring tab.

Recurring Documents


  • Clicking the New button will introduce the Recurring Document Window to add a queued document to the list.

  • Clicking the Edit button will open the Recurring Document Window for the selected queued document on the list. 

  • Clicking the Remove button will remove the selected queued document on the list. This will also prompt a confirmation window to allow the full removal. 

  • Clicking the Import button will for zipped folders containing document or template .xmls to be imported into YAPI. These documents can be found in YAPI's Document Resources.

  • Clicking the Download button would have opened an internet browser redirecting to a YAPI resource site. Please refer to the Document Resource link in the prior bullet point. 

Adding and Editing Recurring Documents 

Clicking the New or Edit button will open the Recurring Document window:


1.png  The Name field will be used to title the document recursion.

The Document field will show the assigned document set for recursion. Click the 2020-02-26_12-01-23.png button to select an assigned document. 



The How Often section will adjust the frequency of the recurring document and the requirements needed for them to appear.  


Once the Recurring Document is set, click on the Ok button on the bottom-right corner of the window.


All queued recurring documents will appear in the list box and will show all essential information in relation to the frequency of the document recursion. 


Pending Recurring Documents

A document that occurs via the recurring document process will appear on the Practice Dashboard with the following Pending Document icon 2020-01-13_13-44-06.png.


To access the pending recurring document, hold down the clipboard icon on the iPad, and with the options that appear, tap on the Pending Documents option. 


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