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For customers using the Dentrix, the Smart Scheduling feature can track changes that YAPI users make within the system, allowing for a better auditing and reviewing experience for your practice. This information is available within both the Audit Trail Report and Dentrix's Office Journal. The following article shows how to access reported changes in both locations.

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Office Journal

  1. Open the patient's file using the Dentrix Family File, and from the modules available at the top, click on the Office Journal button.

    NOTE: This will automatically load that patient's Office Journal. If you were to open the Office Journal from the Office Manager or without the patient loaded, Dentrix would prompt a list of staff accounts to open.


  2. From the list of Journal Entries, double-click the Journal Entry labeled Online appointment created


  3. The Journal Entry will include a short summary of the appointment within the Note section.  


Note: An expanded window that shows the full amount of information related to the appointment will have to be found in the Audit Trail Reports.

Audit Trail Report

  1. Click the Maintenance option at the top of Dentrix's Office Manager, then from the dropdown that appears click on Audit Trail Reports.


  2. The Audit Trail Reports window will appear. Select the YAPI user that is added to the Dentrix staff and select Appointment Changes in the Select Changes for field, then click the OK button. 


  3. The Audit Trail Report related to Smart Scheduling will be found in the Batch Processor list within the Office Manager. Double-clicking the report will show a PDF copy of the document which can then be printed. 


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