Practice Dashboard Quick Guide

The Practice Dashboard is the main hub for all the major functions related to YAPI. There are a lot of necessary and useful tools behind these icons, and knowing what each one's purpose will give staff members an edge when doing their normal work on their workstations. Video tutorials showing the functions within the Practice Dashboard is also available for viewing


The following article will give a summary of key functions on the Practice Dashboard and redirect to additional article content related to their functions. 

Table of Contents

Navigation Pane

The top of the Dashboard is referred to as the Navigation Pane, where all modules have their assigned location and can be accessed through their set category.

Patients  2020-03-19_08-41-19.png

The Patients button is dedicated to functions related to patients and their management. 

Some key features found within the Patients button:

Communication  2020-03-19_08-41-19.png

The Communication button is dedicated to functions related to contacting staff and patients through email and text messaging. 

Some key features found within the Communication button:

  • Message to Provider
  • Message to Workstation
  • Send Email
  • Send a Mobile Text Message
Quick Messages 2020-03-19_08-41-19.png

The Quick Messages button is dedicated to broadcasting messages to all workstations and to manage messages used in broadcasts and direct communication. 

A key feature found within the Quick Messages button:

Huddle 2020-03-19_08-41-19.png

The Huddle button is dedicated to viewing logistical data related to past and current appointments within the practice.

A key feature found within the Huddle button:

  • Daily Huddle
Getting It Done 2020-03-19_08-41-19.png

The Getting It Done button is dedicated to creating notes within YAPI that can be sent as reminders to staff and providers, without having to write it on paper.

Some key features found within the Getting It Done button:

Recall Manager 2020-03-19_08-41-19.png

The Recall Manager button is dedicated to the integrated recalls found within the Practice Management Software, and the times recalls are scheduled to be sent out.

Some key features found within the Recall Manager button:

Online 2020-03-19_08-41-19.png

The Online button is dedicated to multiple platforms dedicated to online interaction with patients, from Email Blast to InstaReview.

Some key features found within the Online button:

Mail Manager 2020-03-19_08-41-19.png

The Mail Manager button is dedicated to the management of postcards that are scheduled to be sent out. A window will appear to manage, preview, and print the postcards.

Document Queue 2020-03-19_08-41-19.png The Document Queue button is dedicated to the management of online documents submitted by patients via the Online Package and individual document links.
Reports 2020-03-19_08-41-19.png

The Reports button shows analytics related to overall office function and additional access to the Care Call List and Appointment Reminders.

Some key features found within the Reports button:

  • Quick KPI
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Care Call List
  • Appointment Reminders
Tools 2020-03-19_08-41-19.png

The Tools button is an overall one-stop area where major and minor functions that expand on YAPI's functions can be used.

Some key features found within the Tools button:

Setup and Manage 2020-03-19_08-41-19.png

The Setup and Manage button is an area dedicated to configuring all major functions related to Global and Local settings.

Some key functions found within the Setup and Manage button:

Lifesaver 2020-03-19_08-41-19.png

The Lifesaver button is dedicated to showing support-related options and the overall diagnostic information related to YAPI.

Some key functions found within the Lifesaver button:

  • Help
  • Request Support
  • Share Your Desktop With Helpdesk
  • Request Training
  • About
Compact View 2020-03-23_14-12-01.png The Compact View button adjusts the size of the YAPI window to a smaller version, minimizing operatories and Navigation Pane buttons.  
Practice Online Portal mceclip0.png The POP button enables you to access YAPI's Practice Online Portal (POP) login page.

Rooms and Operatories


The large space and boxes taking up the bottom of the Dashboard are the Rooms and Operatories. Patients checking in and moving through their assigned seats and eventually to Check Out will be assigned in this space.

Right-Click Commands

Right-clicking on an Operatory with or without Patients will change the option selection that will be available when submitting commands. From here, Alerts can be used to put attention to certain locations that require assistance.

  • Set Alert creates an alarming red flashing that is intended to show that an emergency is occurring in the Check-In Area. Right-clicking again will change this command to Cancel Alert to turn off the emergency alarm.


  • Moving a patient from an operatory to the Check-Out Area will prompt the Clean Up Needed Alert. This will notify staff that the procedure has been completed in the room and the operatory will need to be prepared for the next patient. Clicking on Cancel Out Of Service will return the operatory back to its normal status.


  • Sending messages to a workstation associated with the operatory can be done by clicking the Send Message to command. Only that workstation will receive the message but the operatory must be configured correctly with the proper operatory name to receive the messages.

Check-In With Patient



Check-In Without Patient


Operatory With Patient


Operatory Without Patient


Check-Out With Patient


Check-Out Without Patient


Toolstrip Options

The Toolstrip in the bottom panel found at the bottom of the Rooms and Operatories. It serves to make quick actions related to patients who are occupying the Operatory. Additional information on how to enable and disable certain Toolstrip buttons can be found in the Local Setting Options.

  • Summon Provider 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - The Summon Provider button will create a global notification requesting a specific provider to come to a specific operatory. 

  • Send message to this area 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - The Send message to this area button will introduce a message window that will submit a message to the selected operatory. 

  • Set area alert 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - The Set area alert button will set the operatory to an alert in case of a major emergency within the office. An additional window will appear to specify the purpose of the alert and additional notes may be added. 

  • Toggle in-service/out-of-service 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - The Toggle in-service/out-of-service button disabled the ability for patients to be placed in specific operatories if the operatory is unavailable. Clicking the button again will return the operatory back to its original working state.

  • Check-in provider 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - The Check-in provider button assigs a provider to a select operatory once they meet with the patient.

  • Set patient alert 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - The Set patient alert button will associate the patient with an alert that will affect the patient's appointment. Further information on patient alerts can be found in Your Guide to Patient Alerts.

  • Toggle patient ready/not ready 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - The Toggle patient ready/not ready button sets the patient to be ready for treatment and moved to their assigned operatory. Recommended the patient fill out all their documents before moving the patient

  • Treatment/checkout/dismiss 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - The Treatment/checkout/dismiss button is a context-sensitive button that will move the patient to dismissal once the patient completes their appointment. 

  • Sign form 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - This option is no longer supported. Sign all further documents with the iPad.

  • Scan document 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - If the workstation is connected to a scanner, the Scan document button will allow for hard copy documents to be added to the YAPI Writer for further digital filing.

  • Patient documents 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - The Patient documents button will be available when documents are queued on YAPI Writer reading for signing and filing into the Practice Management Software. 

  • Diagnodent Exam  2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - The Diagnodent Exam button will introduce a window that will show a graphical and numerical layout of the patient's teeth and add additional information such as drilling depth and missing teeth.

  • Document Center 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - The Document center button is used exclusively by older versions of Practiceworks to quickly access a Document Center module for the selected patient in the operatory.

  • Add to interest list 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - The Add to interest list button introduces a window to associate the selected patient in the operatory to be manually introduced to an interest list

  • Patient notes 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - The Patient notes button will introduce a window where patient notes pertaining to the patient. 

  • Send email 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png - The Send email button prompts the email window. This can introduce an email template to be sent directly to the patient.

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