Uploading & Updating Your Practice Logo on the Practice Online Portal (POP)


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In the Practice Online Portal (POP), you can upload images to use as your logo across the entire application. These logos are then displayed in features like Smart Scheduling and Email Templates, and help maintain consistent branding for you and your patients.

Follow the steps below to upload and update your practice logo in POP.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Preparing Versions of Your Logos

The Practice Online Portal has 3 logos that you can update: the App Logo used for the Smart Scheduling feature, the Email Logo used in all outgoing emails to patients, and the Forms Logo which is no longer a supported feature. Each has a required image size and can be uploaded as a .PNG or .JPEG file. Follow the dimensions of each image below while preparing your logos. 

  • The App Logo requires the image to be 200px wide by 200px high wide.

  • The Email Logo image must be 600px wide and between 200px to 400px high.

  • The Forms Logo is no longer supported, and changes to this logo do not affect YAPI features.

You can ask the company that created your logo to send you these files or resize the logo yourself using a free image editing program like Pixlr.

Step 2: Uploading Logos to the Practice Online Portal

  1. Login to the Practice Online Portal.

  2. Click on the Practice Images tab on the left navigation menu.


  3. The Practice Logos screen appears. Click the Upload Logo button (mceclip0.png) of the logo you wish to update. For this example, we are updating the App Logo.


  4. A file explorer opens on your computer. Select the image that you prepared in Step 1.

  5. Optional: You can adjust using the image preview window that appears. Find the perfect look for your logo by adjusting the image to fit within the highlighted box (see below). 


  6. Click the Upload button at the bottom right of the window.

  7. The selected logo is now uploaded and visible on the Practice Logos screen.


  8. Repeat steps 3 - 7 for the Email Logo.

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