Requesting Support Within YAPI

Are you experiencing difficulty running a portion of YAPI? Maybe needing help making configuration changes? A lot of typical issues may stem from connection issues, whether it be on a workstation or on an iPad. Before attempting to contact support, it is recommended to check out the following articles from our Helpdesk site:

For other possible inquiries, such as other support issues or needing help with a certain function, YAPI has a built-in method of contacting a YAPI Support or Training member.


Clicking the Lifesaver button 2020-04-03_11-48-59.png will introduce a set of options from a dropdown menu which can help give the user the tools needed to get the help they need for the situation at hand. 

The following will show the different methods of obtaining support via YAPI and how to allow YAPI team members access to the Practice's YAPI.

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Clicking the Help option from the Lifesaver dropdown will open the default browser of the workstation to the YAPI Helpdesk. More content is being introduced weekly and requests can be submitted via email or via a support ticket for future content.


Use the search bar in the center of the website to search for an article related to the current issue. If one is not available, proceed to the next section. 

Request Support

Clicking the Request Support option from the Lifesaver dropdown will introduce a new window with a dropdown in the center. This dropdown has a set of categories to choose from to better assist the user. 



If the issue is an immediate concern, clicking the I would like to report a technical problem with YAPI option will prompt a new pop-up to occur requesting whether a detailed trace should be attached to the ticket being submitted. This information is useful for the current machine affected that is submitting the request.


After clicking either Yes or No button, a Create Support Ticket window will appear. Please submit all essential information related to the current issue with a valid point of contact available to assist the YAPI team member. Any screenshots or pictures showing the error can be attached at the bottom of the ticket submission. 


Once filled out, click the Submit button on the bottom-right corner of the window.

Some valid reasons to submit a Support ticket are:

  • The Practice Management Software was updated and YAPI is no longer working.
  • An error message is popping up when trying to process a YAPI function.
  • YAPI is unable to start due to a connection issue or a conflict with another program. 

Request Training

The Request Training option will open the default browser on the workstation to create a scheduled online submission form. This form will request the time zone, the date for the appointment, and a filled-out form detailing the purpose of the training request. 


Customer Success is trained to assist in applying configuration requests from office, including giving additional knowledge on the inner workings of the YAPI product for the user to have at their disposal. Some Training and Customer Success requests that can be done are:

  • Edits to a preexisting iPad or Online documents
  • Configuring the Practice Management Software to better use YAPI (Reminders, Recalls, etc)
  • Training on basic and advanced concepts behind YAPI 

Share Your Desktop With Helpdesk

A YAPI Support or Customer Success member will always attempt to contact the original requester via the phone number submitted on the ticket or via the number associated with the Practice. If the situation requires the YAPI Team member to access the workstation, clicking the Share your Desktop With Helpdesk option from the Lifesaver dropdown will prompt a window to begin a connection via GoToAssist.


Type in Your Name in the dedicated field, and the YAPI Team member will give a 9-digit Support Key number to type in. Once that is completed, click on the Continue button. An executable will attempt to be downloaded and opened on the default browser of the workstation. 

NOTE: Antivirus or Firewalls may attempt to stop the remote connection from occurring on the workstation. Be sure to notify the Network Administrator or the Practice's Dedicated IT of what is occurring to help with additional support.

A window will finally appear showing that the YAPI Team member is requesting access to the workstation. Confirm the action and the member will now be able to view the workstation. 

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