Creating & Running an Email Campaign using POP

This article shows you how to create and send an email campaign from the Practice Online Portal (POP).

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Creating an Email Campaign

  1. Select Email Campaign from the navigation panel on the left.
  2. Click the Create Campaign button on the top-right corner of the page to create a new campaign.


  3. Enter a Campaign Name and select the Template you'd like to use for the email. Patients don't see the Campaign Name so use a descriptive name you'll remember. You can also use the Preview button to see a preview of the email template you've selected.



  4. Select the list of recipients to send the email to. The Patient Database fields enable you to data directly grab information from your Practice Management Software.


  5. Click Save to return to the main Email Campaigns screen and you'll be able to see the campaign you just created.

Run Campaign

Use the instructions below to run an email campaign.

  1. Use the run icon 2020-03-26_12-05-43.png to open the Send Campaign window.

  2. Review the details of the campaign.

  3. Recommended: Enter your email address in the Test to field to send yourself a test email. This gives you the change to verify everything looks good before sending it out to patients.
  4. Once you're done reviewing the test email, select Send Now, then Run.
  5. Use the 2020-03-26_12-05-43.pngicon to see information about the campaign including show information related campaign.

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