Tele-Dentistry Online Consent Form

The Tele-Dentistry Online Form offered by YAPI is the newest method for offices to reach out to patients without needing to be in the office. This brand new form type can be used to remain in touch with patients and to be able to consult them with the many applications available to the patient and the doctor. blog post is currently available giving additional information pertaining to the use of Tele-Dentistry, and an OCR announcement has allowed the waiving of HIPAA violations for offices that use telecommunication to consult patients.

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How to Access the Tele-Dentistry Online Consent Form

The Tele-Dentistry Online Consent Form can be found by following the instructions in the following link. This method shows how to find the unique link associated with your Practice and allow the submitted patient forms to be sent to the email saved in the Global Settings in YAPI. 

An alternative would be that the patient can text the word TELE to the number attached to the office. Additional information can be found here.

NOTE: It is recommended to submit a 'test' form to verify receiving the test form in the Practice email prior to providing the link to patients.

Consent for Tele-Dentistry

The following will show what the form will consist of when being accessed by a patient. The patient is able to attach a document or image with the Upload Document button and authorize any future procurement of medical documents and imaging related to the patient. After completing the form, the patient can proceed by clicking the Submit button.


NOTE: The max size for Uploaded Documents is 10 megabytes (MB). 

After clicking the Submit button, the patient will be redirected to the following screen confirming their submission. 


Receiving Consent Forms from Patients

When the patient completes their form, an email will be sent to the Practice email saved on the office YAPI's Global Setup. This will include the Patient's name, the mobile phone number for the point of contact, and an attachment showing the formal consent form signed by the patient.


How to Use Tele-Dentistry

For those unfamiliar with Tele-Dentistry and the benefits that comes with, there are a lot of viable actions that can be done using this method of patient communication! Some include but are not limited to:

  • Stay in touch with your patients
  • Show responsiveness to their needs
  • Use technology that patients are comfortable with
  • Triage your emergency patients properly
  • Screen patients for potential exposure COVID19 virus
  • Diagnose and recommend treatment
  • Refer to a specialist
  • Provide oral care and post-operative  instructions
  • Share personalized expectations of an upcoming appointment
  • Authorize prescriptions
  • Create an accurate and detailed clinical record
  • Communicate with the patient's family and other care providers
  • Remote patient monitoring for clear aligners or any other treatment in progress

How Tele-Dentistry Enhances Your Practice Post-COVID19

As we continue to recover from a Post-COVID19 world, Tele-Dentistry can still become a viable means of communication with patients:

  • Provide access to care to patients with limited mobility 
  • Connect with potential new patients
  • Collaborate with specialists 
  • Perform virtual consults for elective and specialty services
    • Cosmetic Dentistry
    • Sleep Apnea Treatment
    • Implants and Implant-retained prosthetics
    • Orthodontics
    • Orofacial Pain
    • Pediatrics
NOTE: This form does not import to the PMS by YAPI. Since this is a special form received by your office via email, we recommend saving the consent form to your office desktop to import to your PMS.
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