Smart Scheduling - Widget Configuration

Widgets serve as an easy-to-access button applied to the Practice website that can redirect the user to the office's associated smart scheduler. There are different methods and means of applying the widget as seen in the following:

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How to Access the Widget Configuration

  1. On the navigation pane on the left, click on the Smart Scheduling option.

  2. From the dropdown that will appear, click on the Settings option.


  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the General Settings button.


  4. Scroll down the page until coming across the New Patients section, then click the Generate Widget button.


  5. The configuration window for the widget will appear here.


Single-Location Page


Select the Widget location of the Practice's choice, then copy the Script found in the window and have the Website administrator paste the script into the back end of the Practice's website.

NOTE: For some websites, the Top widget is stuck in place, so when someone scrolls it doesn’t move and the user may lose sight of it.

Multi-Location Page

Multi-Location Pages require additional assistance by a YAPI representative to configure the locations that will be associated with the office. Schedule an appointment with a YAPI representative to assist with the configuration of the Multi-Location version of the widget.

Applying the Widget

  1. From the Script field, highlight and copy the contents of the box.


  2. From within the code that is used to edit the contents of the Practice website, paste the code to either the Header or Footer section of the website. It is preferred to have this process by the Website Administrator.

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