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To save time, you can use several keyboard shortcuts to open features of the YAPI Dashboard instead of using a mouse. The following is a complete list of shortcuts you can use to open most of the features available in the YAPI Dashboard.

Note: Only one feature window can be open at a time.  For example, if Today's Schedule is open, you must close the Today's Schedule window before using these shortcuts to open another features.

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Dashboard Shortcuts

Window Shortcut
Today's Schedule Alt + C
Patient Finder Alt + F
Message Board Alt + M
Broadcast a Message Alt + B
Message to Provider  Alt + P
Take a Message  Alt + Z
Send an Email  Alt + E
Send a Mobile Text Message Alt + S
Add To-Do Alt + U
To-Do List View Alt + D
To-Do Calendar View  Alt + K
Quick KPI Alt + 1
Daily Activity Report Alt + 2
Care Call List  Alt + 3
Dental Timer Alt + T
Global Setup Alt + G
Local Setup  Alt + L
Manage Documents and Templates Alt + J
Help  F1
Share your Desktop With Helpdesk Alt + R
About  Alt + A


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