Texting & Emailing Your Patients

The YAPI Practice Dashboard uses many different means to directly contact patients from within the workstation. This can be done by searching for them via the Patient Finder, the Communication button, and Check-In and Operatories. The following article will show how to send emails and mobile messages via the stated methods and also give additional recommended articles to expand on communicating with patients.

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Patient Finder

Communicating via the Patient Finder will allow the user to search for a specific patient saved within the Practice Management Software and immediately contact them via the saved methods recorded on their file


  1. Click on the Patients icon PatientsIcon on the top-left corner of the Practice Dashboard. This will create a dropdown with a list of options. 

  2. From the dropdown, click on the Patient Finder option. This will introduce the Patient Finder window. 


  3. Search for the patient via their Last Name, Phone, or Email.

  4. Click the Search button on the far right side of the window, this will populate a list of patients that share the same last name. 

  5. Click on the Patient you wish to send the template to. This will introduce a dropdown with a set of options.

  6. Click on the Communications option, followed by the Email or Mobile option, then click the Send Email or Send Mobile option.


Communication Button

The Communication button method allows for general email and text messages to be sent out to patients and contacts that are not saved in the Practice Management Software. 


  1. Click on the Communications icon 2020-05-01_11-18-11.png on the top-left corner of the Practice Dashboard. This will create a dropdown with a list of options. 

  2. From the dropdown, click on either Send an Email or Send a Mobile Text Message

Tip! You can also use this method to use saved contacts within YAPI. More information can be found in the Managing and Using Contacts within YAPI article.

To watch a video, click below:

Click  Expand_Icon_2.png  to view full screen.



Need to send the patient attachments back to their email during their visit to the office? Using the Operatory method will directly allow the user to send emails to checked-in patients with supplemental content.


  1. Right-click on the patient in Check-In/Out or in an Operatory.

  2. Click on the name of the patient from the dropdown that appears, then click the Communicate option in the following dropdown.

  3. In the final dropdown, click on the Send Email option.


Recommended Articles

The following articles are additional resources that can be used to better utilize the sending features with additional tools and methods:

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