Integrating Your Referrals List into Your Patient Information Form

YAPI’s Patient Information form makes it easy to collect Referral Information that reads and writes back to the Practice Management Software. By default, the Patient Information form does not have this integration feature enabled but can be enabled for YAPI users who use Open Dental and Eaglesoft. 

The following article will show how to enable referral category integration with Practice Management Software and YAPI configurations.

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Practice Management Software Configuration

The following will show how to access each referral list within each Practice Management Software. The user can use this time to introduce their own referrals such as related practices, advertisements, and other sources. However, it is important to add an additional slot for Other Patient; this will avoid violating HIPAA by typing in full names of patients when filling out the Patient Information form. Follow the instructions for the Practice Management Software connected to YAPI to add the Other Patient option.

NOTE: YAPI will never pull Referral Categories under the ‘Patient’ Category in Open Dental or Eaglesoft, but the Front Office will be able to select the Patient Name before importing the form from their YAPI Dashboard.

Open Dental Configuration

  1. Click on the Referral option from the Lists dropdown to open the Referrals window. 


  2. The Referrals window will populate a list of referrals patients potentially have inputted at the office. 


  3. Click the Add button on the bottom-left corner of the screen. This will open the Add Referral window. For the Last Name field type in Other Patient, then check the Not Person checkbox. Confirm changes when completed. 


Eaglesoft Configuration

  1. Click on the Sources option from the Referrals option within the Lists dropdown.


  2. The Referral Sources List window will populate the list of referrals patients would submit into the Eaglesoft. 


  3. Click on the Other Sources option on the top-right corner of the window. Then, click the New button on the bottom-left corner of the window. This will open the New Referral Source window.


  4. In the Practice field type in Other Patient. Then click the Ok button once completed.

Enabling Integration in YAPI

  1. After filling out the lists of referrals and the Other Patient option in the Practice Management Software, follow the instructions within the Changing Referral Categories article to save the referral list from the Practice Management Software. 

  2. After saving the list, proceed to do the following:


    1. Click the Setup and Manage icon 2019-09-03_11-44-13.png at the top of the YAPI Dashboard and click the Global Setup option from the dropdown.

    2. Enter your password and click Ok.

    3. Within the Global Setup window, click on the Documents tab.

    4. In the canary yellow Document Rules section, look for the Referred by subsection.

    5. Click on the From PMS option, then in the bottom-right corner click on the Save button.

    6. A window will appear confirmed changes to the Online Document Rules, click on the Ok button within that window. 

  3. Test the integration by accessing the Patient Information form using the New Patient Online Package link given during the YAPI Installation. A successful integration will have the referral dropdown populate with the list from the Practice Management Software.

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