YAPI Features Guide

The YAPI Features Guide is intended to help you get familiar with essential features within YAPI, POP, and many other features! Each section will be dedicated to a core feature, an explanation of the feature, and a link(s) to articles that provide more detailed information. 

Table of Contents

Practice Dashboard 


The Practice Dashboard is the main window where all the major modules for YAPI can be seen and accessed. Once checked into the Practice Dashboard, each new patient appears at the bottom of the Check-In Area and can be transferred to different rooms in order to map out the patient's movement through the office.

Intra-Office Communication


Intra-Office Communication is the YAPI messaging system used to communicate with other workstations that has the Practice Dashboard open. This allows for the Check-In, operatories, and the Check-Out room to stay in constant communication in order to manage incoming appointments and potential emergencies. 

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders are emails, text messages, and postcards sent to patients to notify them of upcoming appointments they are scheduled for. Reminders will include Confirmation triggers which can allow the patient to respond to the message and automatically prompt the Practice Management Software with a Confirmation trigger.

Recall Reminders

Recall Reminders are emails and text messages sent to patients to remind them of long term maintenance that has been pre-set in the Practice Management Software, such as cleanings or return check-ups.

Recalls are emails and text messages sent to patients that have been pre-set in the Practice Management Software to require long term maintenance, such as cleanings or return check-ups. 



iPad and Online Documents are the backbone of what makes YAPI amazing! Important documents such as Patient Information and Medical Histories are directly integrated with the Practice Management Software. OpenDental and Eaglesoft support Fast Import, which allows documents to automatically file into categories saved in the practice management software.  

Tip! Premade Informed Consents, Approvals, and Post Care documents are all readily available  for download on the YAPI Help Center

Fast Import

Fast import enables you to automatically file documents back to the practice management software once patients have completed them in-office on an iPad. It's a time saving alternative to manually filing forms away through the YAPI Document Viewer.


The iPad is the most important tool in the office when accepting in-office forms. Forms can be combined on the fly and certain features can be enabled and disabled depending on the overall purpose and user. 


YAPI comes with a built-in Email creation module to directly contact patients from within the Practice Management Software's database. Pre-made and custom email templates can also be used to quickly contact patients with relevant information.


Text messages can be sent using YAPI's built-in messaging module, with text responses being sent directly to workstations for quick communication. Offices can use pre-made and custom text messages to immediately send pertinent information efficiently, whether it is using a template or canned messages.

Practice Online Portal (POP)


The Practice Online Portal (POP) gives you remote access to access key components that are accessible through YAPI and the Practice Management Software. This online portal allows office staff to view essential data content such as the ASAP List, Care Calls, upcoming appointments, patient data, and even schedule mass communication to patients, all while being away from the office.

Smart Scheduling

Smart Scheduling is a feature within POP that links with your practice management software, giving patients the ability to schedule their appointments online, which reduces call volume. Patients have 24/7 access to your calendar with real-time appointment availability so they can schedule any time, at their convenience. Patients can even provide insurance information before they arrive for the appointment, which streamlines the check-in process.

Smart Fill

Smart Fill accesses the ASAP and Recall Past Due lists within POP to find the right patients to fill your broken appointments. Use these lists to send a mass text to patients letting them know you there's an open appointment slot. You can set patient scheduling preferences when the patient is in the office or they can do it themselves when booking appointments through Smart Scheduling. Smart Fill uses these preferences to automatically target the ideal patients based on the day and time of the opening. 


Phone Assistant

Phone Assistant is a proprietary program that allows data-related incoming calls to appear on active workstations. Phone Assistant be installed quickly on any workstation that requires it. This program will show information such as the incoming caller's name, patient information, upcoming appointments, provider information, related family members, and more!


InstaReview links patients with review sites so they can leave a review. After a patient finishes their visit to the office, a text message will be sent to the patient asking how their visit was. This allows the patient an opportunity to review their visit directly on up to four major review sites any time, any day.


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