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From workflow to communication to forms, YAPI has multiple features that span three platforms, all to help you stay organized and work smarter.  This guide will help you familiarize yourself with YAPI's core features including automated reminders, patient and in-office messaging, online scheduling, paperless forms, and patient management, with additional links included so you can learn even more.

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YAPI functions across three platforms: your computer desktop workstations, your in-office iPads, and POP - YAPI's Practice Online Portal.  Each platform has its own application and unique functions, but all of these pieces work together as a comprehensive dental management tool.

Desktop Dashboard 


The desktop Dashboard is the main platform from which you can manage patient movement within your practice and access several of YAPI's other core features. Once checked into the Dashboard, each new patient appears at the bottom of the Check-In Area and can be transferred to different rooms in order to map out the patient's movement through the office.

iPad App

YAPI's iPad App provides paperless forms to patients in your office and is one of YAPI's most used tools.  Within the app, your patients can complete and sign their forms digitally, review treatment plans, and update their contact and medical information.  The app also gives you password-protected access to core features of YAPI like a consolidated Dashboard, in-office messaging, the Daily Huddle, and KPI reports so you don't have to stay tied to one workstation. 

Practice Online Portal (POP, Our Existing Web App)


The Practice Online Portal (POP) gives office staff remote access to essential data like the practice schedule, patient information, your ASAP and Care Call lists, and patient payments if your practice uses YAPI Pay.  From POP, you can also send mass texts and email campaigns, message patients to fill an opening through Smart Fill, and configure settings for online scheduling.

Note: Our new web app - Yapi Leap - is replacing POP and if you're new here, you'll be onboarded to Leap instead.  We want to make sure you have the latest and greatest that Yapi has to offer!

Yapi Leap (Our New Web App)

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Like POP, Yapi Leap gives your team remote access to essential data like the practice schedule and patient information.  From Leap, you can also communicate with patients through email and text (including mass texts) and configure settings for online scheduling.  Plus, you can send and manage patient forms, assign forms to providers to review, and customize your office's forms with our easy-to-use Form Editor.

If you haven't migrated from POP to Leap yet, contact your Client Success Manager to find out how! And to learn more about Yapi Leap, check out the Help topics on our Leap Help Center:

Dentrix Users | Open Dental Users | Eaglesoft Users


In-Office Messaging

Available in the desktop Dashboard and the iPad app, you can use YAPI's In-Office Messaging system to communicate with other workstations and iPads in your office. This allows all members of your team to stay in constant communication, manage incoming appointments, send for assistance, and keep an eye out for potential emergencies. 



Patient Communication


YAPI comes with built-in Email editing tools, both in the desktop Dashboard and the Practice Online Portal.  It also pulls patients' email addresses automatically from your practice management software (Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft) so you don't have to switch between programs. You can choose to create your own email templates or use our pre-made ones to send a mail blast or a single email.

Screen_Shot_2021-11-18_at_9.53.22_AM.png       Screen_Shot_2022-03-15_at_9.13.31_AM.png


With two-way texting, your team can send text messages to your patients and have responses appear directly on your workstations for quick communication. You can draft your own texts, use pre-made templates, create simple canned messages, or create your own custom text templates, all within YAPI.

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Automated Reminders

Appointment Reminders

YAPI's automated Appointment Reminders send emails, text messages, and postcards (or whichever combination you choose) to your patients, notifying them of their upcoming appointments. Reminders also allow patients to confirm their appointments, automatically updating the appointment status in Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eaglesoft.

Email_Reminder_with_Confirmation_Button.png     Confirmed_Reminder.png

Recall Reminders

Automated Recall Reminders send emails and/or texts to patients, reminding them of long term maintenance that's been set in your practice management software, such as cleanings or return check-ups.  You can set YAPI's Recall Manager to send reminders as often or as infrequently as you like, customizing the system to your specific patient base.


Patient Forms

iPad and Online Forms are the backbone of what makes YAPI amazing! Patients can complete all their forms digitally before their appointment or in your office without having to waste paper or scan documents. Patient Information and Medical Histories also integrate with the Dentrix, Open Dental, and Eaglesoft to keep your patients' information seamlessly up to date.  And Fast Import allows forms to automatically file into your practice management software, which means less clicks for your team.

Tip: Pre-made Informed Consents, Approvals, and Post Care documents are all readily available  for download on the YAPI Help Center and these come with your YAPI plan!


Fast Import

Fast import is a sub-feature of YAPI's paperless forms system and automatically files forms into your practice management software when patients complete them on an office iPad. It's a time-saving alternative to manually filing forms away through YAPI's Document Viewer.


Smart Scheduling

Smart Scheduling, configured in YAPI's Practice Online Portal (POP), allows patients to schedule their appointments online, reducing call volume and empowering your patients to schedule much-needed visits on their own time. Patients have 24/7 access to your calendar with real-time appointment availability so they can schedule any time, at their convenience. Patients can even provide insurance information before they arrive for their appointment, streamlining the check-in process.

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Smart Fill

Smart Fill uses your ASAP and Recall Past Due lists to help you find the right patients to fill broken appointments. Within POP, you can use these lists to send mass texts to multiple patients, letting them know you have a new slot available. You can also set a patient's scheduling preferences when they're in the office or they can do it themselves when booking appointments through Smart Scheduling. Smart Fill then uses these preferences to target the ideal patients to fill your opening. 




InstaReview automatically sends patients links to your online review sites so they can easily leave a review after their visit.  This gives the patient a chance to review your practice on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or Healthgrades, or send private feedback directly to you.  You also have the option to send InstaReview requests manually or stop individual patients from receiving requests if you've already gotten their feedback in office, putting the control in your hands.




YAPI Pay is a text-to-pay feature that allows you to request patient payments so they can take care of their bill online.  From the Practice Online Portal (POP), you can request, cancel, void, and resend payment requests, view pending and completed payments, view attachments, and email patients a copy of their receipt.

yapipay1.png       yapipay2.png


Phone Assistant

Phone Assistant interfaces with your practice's phone service to automatically show you relevant details of any patient who calls. When a patient calls in, Phone Assistant recognizes their number and pulls information like their name, upcoming appointments, provider, and family members from your practice management software, displaying it on right your desktop workstation.   You can also dial out through Phone Assistant and your patient's details will pop up when you do!



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