Adding Images to an Email Template (Hosting Images Online)

With the release of Email Campaigns and Email Templates, users will be able to have control over the emails being made and sent to all patients from the office or from home! These emails allow for images to be used as well, and it can help fit any occasion depending on the content being shared. Image URLs can also be used in the legacy version of the Email Template Builder, which is always available from any workstation that has YAPI installed. 

Once the Image URL is acquired, the image can be applied by following the Adding Images to an Email Template (Applying Image URL) article.

The following article will show how to host images for Email Campaign use, and if necessary how to submit a formal request to YAPI to host images for email templates. 

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PostImage is a free image hosting service that is able to keep images related to the practice available for email usage. Creating an image URL through this service is easy and does not require an account. However, creating an account is recommended if the office is planning on hosting multiple images for long term use.

  1. Click on the Choose images button in the center of the webpage. This will open a Windows Explorer allowing the user to choose an image that is saved on the computer accessing the website. 


  2. Select the image to be used for online use. The page will redirect showing the hosted image's URLs. Copy and save the Direct Link URL for the Email Template's Image Section. If the user is planning to save the link for later use, it is recommended to create an account so as to save the link to the user's account. 


Submitting Image Request to YAPI

If the office is still in need of help hosting images, YAPI does utilize a hosting service for Practice images. This can be requested by contacting YAPI Support via email and submitting a formal request with the image attached. YAPI Support will send an email back to the user with the URL to use in the Email Template with instructions attached showing how to apply the image to the email template. Additional assistance and formal training can also be requested.

NOTE: It is recommended that the user attempts to host images on their own before contacting for submission requests. Wait times will vary depending on the number of requests being received and may exceed a day after the initial request. 

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