Adding Images to an Email Template in POP

Email Templates are able to use images to better represent the theme and context of the message being sent to patients. Instructions on how to host an image for email use can be found in the Adding Images to an Email Template (Hosting Images Online) article. Once that step has been completed, it is now a matter of adding the image to the Email Template.

To add Images to Email Templates:

  1. Log in to your POP using

  2. On the Navigation Pane, click on Templates.

  3. A dropdown will appear, click on the Email Templates option.

  4. Whether creating a new template with the Create Template button or updating a pre-existing template from the list of assorted templates at the bottom of the page, open the template that will include the image.


    NOTE: If working on a preexisting template, click on the Edit button 2020-03-30_13-38-01.png within the template box.


  5. Scroll down the page until coming across the Image section. Click on the Edit button on the far right-hand side. 


  6. A pop-up will appear showing buttons to enable or disable images in the template. Click on the By Image URL button and an additional line will appear in the bottom. Apply the URL of the hosted image in this line by the pasting the link in its entirety. Click the Ok button at the bottom when finished. 


  7. After applying the Image URL, click on the Save button 2020-06-01_13-53-17.pngfound at the very bottom of the page to save the changes to the Email Template. 

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