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If your team sends the same text messages frequently to patients, creating a Canned Messages list in YAPI can save you a lot of time.  Instead of having to type out your message over and over, you can simply choose from your preset list with just a couple clicks. To get you started, we've compiled a list of Canned Messages that we often see practices using; feel free to copy and paste them directly into your Canned Messages list or reword them to best fit your practice.

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Everyday Text Responses

While we know that every dental office is different (and we hope you customize your Canned Messages to your specific needs), here are some that our practices tend to use regularly:

Hi!  Just a reminder - please bring your current insurance card to your upcoming dental appointment so we can update our records.
I'd be glad to reschedule your appointment.  What days and times work best for you?
Yes, we still have that appointment time available.  I can schedule you right now!
We're sorry but unfortunately that appointment time has been taken.  We'll notify you if another appointment becomes available.
Thanks and have a great day!


Online Paperwork Messages

Though YAPI has an automated system to send new patients their online forms, from time to time you may also need to send patients a link to a single form or a reminder to complete their online paperwork package. Below are some examples of these types of texts; just copy and paste them into your Canned Messages list, inserting the unique links to your practice's online forms and packages or your teledentistry informed consent form where appropriate:

New Patient or Existing Patient Online Packages

Hi!  Please click the link below to complete your online paperwork before your upcoming dental appointment. See you soon!   Insert Online Package Link Here*

Individual Online Forms

Hi! Please click the link to complete your Insert Online Form Name* form. If you have any questions, please reply to this message or send us an email.   Insert Online Form Link Here*

Tele-Dentistry Online Consent

Hi!  Please review and sign our Tele-Dentistry Online Consent form, linked below. If you have any questions, please reply to this message or send us an email.   Insert Tele-Dentistry Form Link* Here

*Note: Paperwork links are specific to your practice.  When pasting these templates into your Canned Messages, make sure to replace the underlined sections (for example, "Insert Online Form Link Here") with your practice's specific form or package links.  YAPI does not automatically insert these links for you.


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