Example Canned Messages

Canned Messages makes for a great method in sending messages out immediately to patients without having to select formal text templates. This method is intended to help quickly respond to patients with short and quick messages and can include a plethora of different content related to better a patient's visit. An example would be the inclusion of web links, such as the New Patient Online Package, Individual Online Forms, and the Tele-Dentistry Online Consent.

Follow the article Creating & Sending Canned Text Messages to learn how to access and create Canned Messages.

The following article will show resources on how to access these web links and example messages to use for the Canned Message.

New Patient Online Package


Please fill out the following online package before coming into the office for your appointment. We hope to see from you very soon.

Insert Online Package Link Here

Online Package Link Instructions

Individual Online Forms


Please fill out the following Insert Online Form Name. If you have any questions, please reply to this text message or email us. 

Insert Online Form Link Here

Single Online Forms Instructions

Tele-Dentistry Online Consent


In accordance with the recent changes regarding online communication, please review and sign the following Tele-Dentistry Online Consent. If you have any questions, please reply to this text message or email us. 

Insert Unique Tele-Dentistry Link Here

Tele-Dentistry Manual Link Instructions

Contactless Check-In


We’re excited to see you today. Please reply to this message as soon as you’ve parked for so we can check you in and get you started even faster. Send us a reply with any questions at all. See you soon!

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