Email and Text Log

YAPI allows the Practice to access past communications with certain patients from a communication log. This log can show both email and mobile text messages and can even show response text messages from the patient. Whereas the Reminders Sent Report shows the log of all reminder messages being sent out and showing whether a mass of patients had received or confirmed their message, the communication log focuses on automated and manual communication for individual patients.

The following article will show how to access and view email and text communication logs with individual patients.

How to Access Communication Logs via Patient Finder


    1. Click on the Patients icon 2019-10-02_12-37-49.png on the top-left corner of the Practice Dashboard. This will create a dropdown with a list of options.

    2. From the dropdown, click on the Patient Finder option. This will introduce the Patient Finder window. 


    3. Search for the patient via their Last Name, Phone, or Email.

    4. Click the Search button on the far right side of the window, this will populate a list of patients that share the same last name. 

    5. Click on the Patient you wish to opt-out from messaging. This will introduce a dropdown with a set of options.

    6. Click on the Communications option, followed by either the Email or Mobile Text option.


    7. In the final dropdown that appears, click on the Log option.


  • This will populate a Communication log that will show the past communications of that particular patient, depending on whether the Email or Mobile Text option was chosen. 
    • Email  The Email Communication log will show the When, Subject, and Body of the email sent. Clicking the blue Body content will show an additional set of options including Copy to Clipboard, View, and Get info.


    • Mobile Text - The Mobile Text Communication log will show the When, In/Out, and Message of the text message. Unlike the Email Communication log, incoming text messages from thesaved phone number will also appear labeled as an In message. Clicking the Message content will show an additional set of options including Copy to Clipboard, Sent Text, and Reload.


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