Checking a Patient Into YAPI from an iPad

The YAPI iPad app has functions that work very similarly to the Practice Dashboard. Instead of having to walk back to a workstation to check-in a patient to sign their paperwork, the iPad can access the patients saved on the Practice Management Software and bring them into the Check-In room. Configuring the iPad to best fit patient check-in can be found in the iPad Recommended Setup - Check-In article.

The following article will show how to check-in the patient via the YAPI iPad app. 

Checking In


  1. Open the YAPI iPad app to access the Dashboard.

  2. Tap on the orange Patient Finder button at the top of the screen.

  3. A drop-down will appear showing all the methods to search for the patient. Search for the patient via the best method for the situation or search for them via their Name. After inputting the information, tap on the Return key on the keyboard.

  4. A list of patients will appear that fit the search parameters. Hold down on the patient that is going to be selected, and a pop-up with options will appear. Click on the Check-In option.

  5. Return to the Dashboard by tapping the Dashboard button on the top-left corner of the screen. The patient will be checked in on the Dashboard screen and will also check-in on all other workstations. 

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