Using Operatory Alerts to Get Help from Your Team

Operatory Alerts is a feature that allows for outgoing messages to all or certain users associated with the specific operatory. This gives work staff and opportunity to maintain communication with each other, such as requiring assistance or status changes that require certain staff members to be aware of.  This feature is an essential component when utilizing Intra-Office Communication, and its use can greatly streamline every patient visit. 

The following will show how to access Operatory Alerts and how to use them for Intra-Office Communication. 

Using Operatory Alerts

  1. Open the YAPI Practice Dashboard on the Workstation.

  2. On the Practice Dashboard, look for the Operatory requiring the alert, and click on the Set Area Alert button 2020-01-02_09-53-36.png within the chosen Operatory.


  3. A New Operatory Alert window will appear, this includes the ability to change the Alert status, the Provider associated with the patient, and additional information that will populate in Intra-Office Communication.


  4. Click the Alert dropdown to choose from the list of preset alert status options. 


  5. Click the Provider button 2020-01-02_09-53-36__1_.pngto attach a specific Provider that is required for the specific alert.  


  6. Proceed with adding message within the Additional message text box and once completed click the Send button.

Additional Resources

  • Changing Sound and Color Alerts - This article allows for Intra-Office messages to be customized with unique color choices and audio tones.

  • Provider List - This article allows for specific providers to customize their Intra-Office messages to have colors dedicated to their provider alert and uniquely assigned audio tones that will notify them of new alerts. 

  • Apple Watch, Smart Watch Setup Guide - This article is a set of instructions on how to enable Apple and SmartWatch integration for providers. This allows providers to directly receive Intra-Office messages to their phones to quickly assist in immediate alerts and emergencies. 

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